Natural Care: At-Home Remedies for Moisturized Natural Hair

June 1, 2017
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Natural Care: At-Home Remedies for Moisturized Natural Hair

When it comes to Natural Hair, there is often a misconception that it is easier to maintain than relaxed or processed hair. Most people associate Natural Hair with just normal washes and nothing more! However, one could not be farther from the truth!

Spoon in a small bowl of olive oil.

Natural Hair does require time, effort, and a lot of TLC (Tender, Love, + Care). Personally, I've done a ton of research and most experts state that the less Shampoo that is used on Natural Hair, the better, especially for curly + coily girls!

Usually this is due to Shampoo being more of a stripping agent, which also ends up stripping your hair of its natural oils in the process. Now, there are many Natural Hair products that have "Cleansing Conditioners", which acts the same as Shampoo when it comes to getting rid of all the "gunk", but the good thing is that it does this without the stripping part.

Things You'll Need:

2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil

1 Egg (just the white part)

1 Tablespoon of Honey

2 Tablespoons of Olive oil

Honey drizzling into a wooden bowl.

In addition, I find that one of the most important steps in caring your hair is the "Deep Conditioning" routine. Personally, I use a handful of Natural Hair products (Mielle Organics, Curls Blueberry Bliss, a little bit of Shea Moisture, Carols Daughters, and a few others), simply because not all work the same and not all are created equal, in terms of it actually being Natural/Organic.

Therefore, I'm trying to remain disciplined on using At-Home remedies for Deep Conditioning, which works wonders, especially after you've struggled through Postpartum and Hair loss/Lack of growth!

As mentioned above, I simply use those ingredients or you can use other great ingredients such as Bananas, Avocado, Mayonnaise, and so many others.

My favorites however are Coconut oil + Egg because they provide awesome results and helps to remain moisture effortlessly, while strengthening, and providing a great amount of protein that is needed in the hair growth process!

I do recommend being careful when using mixtures containing Egg, as it can become "scrambled" in your hair if you rinse with water that is too warm. As a result, I always aim to keep the water on the chiller side.

6 Reasons to Treat Your Hair with Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles.
  • Coconut oil promotes the scalp health fighting against such problems as insect bites, lice and dandruff.
  • Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair.
  • Coconut oil adds luster, shine and softness to the hair.
  • Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length.
  • Coconut oil slows down hair loss. 

Reasons to Treat Your Hair with Egg

Conditioning your hair with eggs enhances hair growth because eggs contain lots of protein. Hair is composed of 70 percent keratin protein, so egg protein helps rebuild damaged hair by filling in weakened spots along the hair strand, which temporarily strengthens the hair.

Eggs contain a large amount of protein--ranging from 3.6 to 6.5 g per egg--which makes egg conditioning an intense protein treatment.

Reasons to Treat Your Hair with Honey

Honey contains vitamins and minerals that are good for your hair, and also acts as a humectant to retain moisture. Hence, it is effective for dealing with dry and damaged hair. It can even soothe an itchy scalp and condition your hair so that it is smooth and soft again.

Reasons to Treat Your Hair with Olive Oil

Olive oil is truly a powerhouse when it comes to hair, skin and beauty applications. Olive oil mixed with lemon juice can help treat problem dandruff. Usually caused by dry, flaky skin, the acidic lemon juice helps loosen dandruff while the olive oil moisturizes the new, exfoliated layer of skin.

In the dry winter months, your hair is more prone to breakage, splitting and frizzy 'flyaways' that make your sleek haircut look messy and unkempt. A little olive oil can help smooth away some of those problems.

It adds weight and moisture to the hair, and is ideal as a quick fix. Rich in vitamins A, E and antioxidants, olive oil helps protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture. According to Elle, olive oil can remove the buildup of sebum that impedes the formation of new hair follicles and hinders hair growth.

Overall, Homemade Deep Conditioners are my Go-To, especially when my hair needs a slight boost from the usual wear and tear. In addition, I use Coconut oil daily after misting my hair with water and then use a moisturizing cream to lock everything in.

This is usually referred to as LOC (Liquid, Oil, + Cream), in that same order! The other great thing about these recipes are that you can wrap your hair in a towel while the Deep Conditioner sits on your hair and go about your day, either cleaning, cooking, getting work done, etc. until you are ready to rinse it out. There's no time limit.

The longer the time in, the better the results, in my opinion!

I've done the "Big Chop" since July 2016 (1-Year anniversary soon!) and I am suer excited to see how long  can grown my Natural Tresses this time around compared to the long length that I've always been use to with relaxed hair.

Natural Care: At-Home Remedies for Moisturized Natural Hair.


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