5 Surprising All-Natural Ingredients to Great Skin + Recipes

June 1, 2017
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5 Surprising All-Natural Ingredients to Great Skin + Recipes

When it comes to face moisturizers or just moisturizers in general, there is often a craze to find the best, most expensive product that promises to not only lock in moisture, but soothe, prevent wrinkles, and remove blemishes in 1, 2, 3! 5 Surprising All-Natural Ingredients to Great Skin + Recipes.

Chunks of beeswax.

But why go through a large number of products, forking over tons of cash, only to find out that either a certain ingredient doesn't work for your skin (causing irritation) or finding out that this particular product just doesn't live up to its promise of amazing, glowing skin?

Did you know that some of the best Moisturizers actually live in your cabinets and can be found in your kitchen? Are you aware that there are a ton of All-Natural ingredients that can help you with your current skin concerns?

If not, be sure to read through the rest of my post, which fills you in on the best kept-secrets and a few recipes to try, which are backed by The Doctors’ plastic surgeon and beauty guru, Andrew Ordon, MD..

5 Surprising All-Natural Ingredients for Great Skin:

1. Coconut Oil

Person holding a halved coconut.
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Coconut oil is naturally full of collagen-supporting lauric acid and is easily absorbed deep into the skin for great moisturizing without leaving you feeling greasy. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties also make it a great anti-ager. Plus, it can be used multi-purposely as the following:

skin moisturizer
natural makeup remover
deep cleanser
antibacterial shield
protection from Sunburn
reducer of Facial wrinkles
preventer of premature aging

2. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid, an ingredient found in many expensive skin care products. It's a pro at breaking down and removing dead skin cells, speeding up cell turnover and rejuvenation. And new skin cells = younger looking skin.

These new cells get the added benefit of being bathed in all the nutrients found in buttermilk, making it a great moisturizer. It can help solve skin woes like discoloration, spots, blemishes, etc. It can also help lighten age spots and tighten skin. It is great way to cleanse skin and make it softer.

3. Avocados

Not only are Avocados a great ingredient to any dish these days, but they also serve as a great moisturizer! Their high levels of fats and vitamins like A, D and E help skin retain moisture and work as anti-agers.

Avocados are a great source of antioxidant carotenoids like alpha-carotene, betacarotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein. These free radical quenching compounds provide significant protection for your skin from the environmental damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

4. Aloe Vera

Various studies have been conducted to examine the benefits of the aloe vera plant and it was found out that aloe vera does in fact have several properties that are effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, from flaky or dry skin, cosmetic ailments, hair and scalp problems to many more.

It shows some promise in treating more serious and persistent conditions such as eczema, genital herpes, dandruff, psoriasis, canker sores, skin ulcers and others, according to the Mayo Clinic. Aloe is also great for the following:

treats sunburn
treats acne
fights aging
lessens the visibility of stretch marks

5. Honey

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Raw, organic honey is naturally anti-bacterial, so it's an effective acne treatment, helps unclog pores and is a great cleanser. It's also full of antioxidants, making it a potent fighter of wrinkles, aging skin, irritation and blemishes, all while leaving a lovely afterglow. Other great benefits include:

protects Against Damage

promotes Wound Healing

Some awesome Recipes for Amazing skin

Avocado-Honey Moisturizer

Avocado with text \"Nourishing Homemade Honey Avocado Face Mask.\"
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Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of fresh cream + ¼ avocado + 1 tablespoon honey.

Directions: Place all three ingredients in a blender and puree into a smooth cream. Apply it to your skin and leave on for at least an hour. Rinse off with warm water.

Wrinkle-Fighting Salad

Large bowl of blueberries and raspberries.

Ingredients: ½ cup fresh blueberries + ½ cup fresh strawberries + 1 kiwi, peeled + chopped ½ cup pomegranate seeds + ½ cup organic orange juice + 1 handful of chopped walnuts.

Directions: Combine first four ingredients in a small bowl. Pour the orange juice over the mixture and sprinkle with the walnuts. Eat and enjoy!

Acne Spot Treatment

Lemons in and around a bowl.
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Ingredients: Brewer’s Yeast + a squeeze of lemon juice + Water.

Directions: Make a paste using a little bit of brewer’s yeast, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a bit of water. Apply right on your blemish and leave for 10 minutes, cover with a bandage.

Basil Toner

Bowl of dried basil.
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Ingredients: 3 tablespoons dried basil leaves + 1 cup boiling water.

Directions: Crush up the dried basil leaves and mix them into a cup of boiling water. Once the mixture cools, strain out the leaves, put it in a spray bottle and spritz your skin. Use a cotton ball or pad to spread the toner gently around your face. Do this daily before cleansing.

Lemon-Agave Age Spot Fighter

Jars of lemons and other ingredients.
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Ingredients: ½ cup cooked rice + 1 tablespoon agave nectar + 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Directions: Mix together the above ingredients and blend well. Apply the mixture to dry hands, move the scrub around your hands in circular motions on the backs of your hands with firm but gentle pressure for one to two minutes. You can also rub this rice on the palms of the hands to soften calluses.

Almond-Sugar Facial Scrub

Collage with text \"Cinnamon sugar almonds.\"
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Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of fresh cream + 1 cup of white sugar + ½ cup of brown sugar + ½ cup of ground almonds + 2 tablespoons olive oil.

Directions: Mix all ingredients well. Apply to dry face in a circular motion Wash your face off with warm water, followed by cold water. Pat your face dry. Place in a jar and store in your refrigerator for future use.

Coconut Deep Conditioner

Bowls of mayonnaise with text \"7 easy recipes for homemade mayonnaise.\"
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Ingredients: ½ cup mayonnaise + 1 tablespoon coconut oil + 1 teaspoon coconut extract.

Directions: Mix ingredients together, apply and cover your scalp with a plastic wrap (like Saran Wrap). Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly.

Java Lip Exfoliator

Cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans.
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Ingredients: ½ teaspoon of moisturizing lotion (such as Olay’s Active Hydrating Body Fluid) +  ¼ teaspoon fresh coffee grounds + ¼ teaspoon Kosher salt.

Directions: Mix well in a bowl. Apply to entire mouth area and massage around for five minutes. Wipe clean with a warm wet washcloth.


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  1. This is very amusing for me. I love eating some of them on the list but never thought I could use it for my face or scalp. Thanks for this. I will try them some time.

  2. These tips are awesome! I love eating avocado, but I've never thought to put it on my face. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes, I never thought about using it as a face mask either, but apparently it has some great benefits! Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  3. Ow i love this im always looking for natural ways. I always love coconut oil though it is good for so many things! Going to try the avocado.

    • Yes! I am excited to try some that I haven't tried either. Super easy! Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂