10 Naturally Effective Ways to Fight a Cold/Flu

October 5, 2018
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10 Naturally Effective Ways to Fight a Cold/Flu

With the Fall/Winter season in full swing, these 10 Naturally Effective Ways to Fight a Cold/Flu come in handy! If you've ever had to suffer through either ailment, then you'll know just how uncomfortable and miserable it can feel. While there are many over-the-counter medicines available, the truth is--natural is best and it actually works!

Spoon in a parfait set on a table with orange juice.

When it comes to the Fall season, like many of you, I'm so excited about the flavors, textures, and spices that we get to enjoy! However, one of the unpleasant parts of the Fall is getting sick from the cold/flu.

One things I've learned with getting the cold/flu is that curing it naturally works best! OK, so I know just how unbearable the symptoms can be sometimes----the stuffy/runny nose, headache, body ache, fever, lack of appetite, sneezing, coughing, and more.

BUT after doing much research and of course, a ton of trial and error of my own, I've discovered that the over-the-counter medicine that is so readily available doesn't really help fight the sickness. In fact, it actually slows our bodies down from successfully combatting the germs and viruses.

Oranges next to a glass of orange juice.

So, just think about trying natural home remedies next time and you'll see just how well you get better.

Granted, the natural way doesn't suppress the symptoms as nicely as over-the-counter medicines (depending on the symptom + remedy), however, the amazing news is that it actually is boosting your body's ability to really fight off the ailment instead of just temporarily masking the symptoms. Don't give in and keep being consistent with the home remedies.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep healthy and truly aid your body's fight against sickness is in what you eat! If you're thinking about going on the Vegan diet, then this How to Best Transition into a Plant-Based or Vegan Diet is the perfect article to read for a great push.

Another great way to keep your body and immune system healthy is through periodic detoxes. This 3 Detoxes That You Should Be Doing More Often discusses some of the mini steps that you can take to ensure that your goal to ‘complete wellness’ happens before the year ends.

Tea bag in a jar with water and lemon slices.

OK, let's dig right into the 10 Naturally Effective Ways to Fight a Cold/Flu, shall we?

  • Vitamin C is a must!

So, I know that this is the one thing that we hear about a lot, BUT understand that it really is important. Not only does it have amazing health benefits on a daily basis (whether you're sick or not), but it also helps to reduce phlegm when you're sick and boosts your immune system, which aides in the battle against the sickness. Some awesome sources of Vitamin C include grapefruits, limes, oranges, leafy greens, etc. 

  • Warm Baths + Detoxes Go a Long Way!

When it comes to having a fever (whether for a Child or Adult), warm baths help to safely cool your body down without putting it in shock.

While fevers are often a good sign (It means that your body is trying to kill the bacteria/virus in your system!), keeping you comfortable by reducing your temperature isn't a bad thing. Also, detoxing such as adding Epsom salt, baking soda, and essential oils, can help to soothe those body aches as well as purify your body of any toxins that might slow down the healing process.

Rosemary sprigs with a sliced citrus fruit.

  • Echinacea is Not just a Beautiful Plant/Flower----it's a Powerful One!

OK, so if you're not too familiar with Echinacea then I'd definitely recommend discovering this one for yourself. This plant is super powerful in treating infections, reducing inflammation, and boosting your immune system.

Much like Chamomile, it does a great job as soothing your body and being therapeutic. I've since used this plant as my regimen for fighting off my most recent cold and it has works wonders. The awesome part is that it is made for everyone in mind, meaning that you can choose between taking a daily supplement in pill/tablet form, drinking it in the form of a tea bag, powder, gummy, you name it!

Bees landing on a pink Echinacea flower.

  • Take a Steamy Bath or Use a Humidifier for that Congestion!

If you've ever been congested, then you'll understand just how awful and miserable it is. It's like being trapped in an extremely humid room to the point of not being able to grasp for air. It's just one of those symptoms that often is dreadful. However, one of the best remedies to a stuffy nose is a hot steam or humidifier.

The worst culprit for congestion of any kind is dry air. This is why the steam from a hot shower or the humidifier helps. They act as a moisturizer for your nasal passages and help to keep the air moisturized as well. Of course, you can always use vapor rub, eucalyptus, menthol, or anything else similar to help as well.

  • Honey is Sweet in More Ways than One!

As you may already know, Honey holds a lot of weight when it comes to having effective antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Therefore, adding honey to your hot tea can help to soother a sore throat because it's a great cough suppressant. So, add this little bit of sweetness to your tea next time you need a little relief.

  • Garlic Does More than Just Fight Off Vampires!

Much like Honey, Garlic also has great antimicrobial properties. Taking a Garlic supplement might help you better fight off your cold/flu and the severity of it. Also, it acts as a great preventive measure, especially during the Fall season when you know that all the germs are going around.

Glass mug of tea.

  • Start from the Inside, Out!

We often hear that most things start from the inside, out and fighting off the cold/flu is no different. What you eat matters, especially when you're trying to get better from being sick.

You definitely want to eat things that are loaded in the Vitamins and Minerals that are needed to keep your Immune System boosted and healthy. Foods like Bananas, Blueberries, Carrots, Chili Peppers, Cranberries, Onions, and others have been known to help fight Infections.

So, I'd recommend incorporating them in some way into your diet, especially when you're battling a sickness and if you don't really have much of an appetite--blend a smoothie and drink up!

  • Probiotics are your BFF!

Probiotics are awesome and should be taken daily, not only to fight off the cold/flu, but also for digestion and a host of other healthy functioning. However, if you aren't one who takes a daily dose of these healthy cultures, then I'd recommend doing so when you're sick.

Like many of the other things on this list, probiotics help to keep your Immune System healthy and helps your body to fight off an infection, especially if it's Upper Respiratory related.

  • A Bowl of Soup Never Hurt Nobody!

Specifically, chicken soup (with Veggies included) helps your body to fight of an infection effectively. Research suggests that it has to do with the soup's aid in the neutrophils (a common type of white blood cell, which helps to protect against infection) moving more readily in your body.

This is of course a great thing and once again, allows your body to naturally combat your sickness without suppressing or reducing the good antibodies needed to get the job done! In addition, a good, hot bowl of soup helps to soothe the symptoms of Upper Respiratory discomfort. So, grab you a bowl and slowly sip on this infection-fighting goodness!

Bowl of soup on a table with carrots.

  • R.E.S.T. does the Body Wonders!

Granted, this last point seems to be the easiest, however, we often negate it entirely. It's definitely the one thing that we take for granted and overlook even when we're sick because society has made us think that we always have to keep moving.

However, rest is the one healer that costs nothing (It's absolutely FREE!) and it truly works! Matter of fact, research suggests that resting (while staying warm of course!) helps your body to direct all of its energy at the battle at hand--fighting off your cold/flu.

So, the next time you decide to still get work done, do chores, or run errands while sick, in stead curl up in a large blanket, turn on your favorite show/movie, have a cup of tea or a healthy cold drink, and relax. Just let your body do what it does best!

While I don't have a personal vendetta against over-the-counter medicines (as I do use them sometimes), I'm definitely a believer that natural remedies help. Yes, it may feel like it's taking longer, however, in the long-term, it's doing an effective job at curing your sickness and later preventing it again.

Hopefully, these 10 Naturally Effective Ways to Fight a Cold/Flu come in handy for you this season if you need to use it (crossing fingers for a healthy season for you of course!).


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  1. Yup, I've just been feeding piles of oranges down my boyfriend's throat praying he doesn't get sick this year. I can't wait to try one of these recipes.

    • Haha! Yes, it's definitely great to use these for prevention! Crossing my fingers with you!