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Shanika has written for several Major Platforms/Online Magazines, including the Kitchn, Food52Rover’s Theo MagazineUniDays The EditMASHED + continues to expand her fresh & creative perspective throughout many other opportunities like her current position as Vegan Contributor for Mind Blowing Magazine.

Personally, she also prides herself as a former Letter Writer for the To Love Ourselves Letter Project, where she voluntarily spreads words of encouragement + love to women around the world! Professionally, you can find all features + links below.
Copy of Instagram Special with a section from Shanika saying to stack your food high to be a better food stylist.

Orchids + Sweet Tea Features:

Article from The Kitchen about Shanika called "Island Treasure."

Island Treasure: Easter Holiday Feature in April Issue— Southern Living Magazine (April 2023)


Print from Eat Capture Share podcast with Shanika called "Video content strategies, with Orchids and Sweet Tea."

Episode #107: Video Content Strategies, with Orchids + Sweet Tea— Eat, Capture, Share Podcast (2023)


Logo for The Zoe Report.

Meet 4 Black Chefs That Are Leading The Food Justice Movement — The Zoe Report (2023)


Black text logo for Saveur.

Best Mini Food Processors Make Meal Prep A Breeze — Saveur (2022)


Logo for Nielsen Massey Fine Vanillas and Flavors.

Chef Spotlight: Meet Shanika Graham-White — Nielsen Massey (2023)

Blue and black logo for XO NeCole.

23 Women Share Their Affirmations They're Speaking Over Their 2023 — XO Necole (2023)


Red and black Ebony logo.

6 Black Culinary Influencers to Inspire Your Holiday Feast Preparation — Ebony Magazine (2022)


Green Whole Foods logo.

7 Unexpected Ice Cream Sundae Recipes — Whole Foods Market (2022)


Black text "Good Morning America."

What's For Dinner? Jamaican Power Bowl — Good Morning America

What's For Dinner? Easy Lemon & Garlic Shrimp Pasta — Good Morning America

Thanksgiving Desserts That'll Make You & Guests Save Room for Something Sweet — Good Morning America


Black text "Huffpost."

The 12 Best Instagram Recipes From March 2023— Huffington Post (2023)

The Best Chocolate For Chocolate Chip Cookies — Huffington Post

14 Easy One-Pot Dinner Recipes for Fall -- Huffington Post

Easy Sheet Pan Recipes for the Days You're Running on Empty -- Huffington Post

19 No-Churn Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make Without a Machine — HuffPost


Black and pink text "Veg News."


Grey text "Style blueprint."

3 Dessert Recipes You Won't Believe are Vegan— Style Blueprint


Blue text on pink "Liz Moody."

Healthy Holiday Cooking Secrets (Podcast Episode)— Liz Moody


Black text and logo "Kitchn."

Kitchn's Thanksgiving Food Fest (2021)  -- The Kitchn

5 Moms Share Their Best Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas — The Kitchn

Black text "Parade."

73 Sweet and Savory Homemade Sauces That Will Prevent You From Going Store-Bought Ever Again -- PARADE

14 Food Trends That Are About To Blow Up in 2020 — PARADE

25 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts for Foodies of All Ages — PARADE

25 Ways to Transform Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving Breakfast, Dinner, & Dessert — PARADE


Black text "Food52."

68 Recipes from Black Creators to Celebrate Juneteenth — Food 52

29 Vegetarian Recipes That Celebrate the Diversity of Black Cuisine — Food 52


Black logo and text "Navitas organics."

Meet Shanika Graham-White — Navitas Organics


Black logo and text "The Every Girl."

30 Non-Boring Recipes to Make with Quinoa -- THE EVERYGIRL

31 Delicious Plant-Based Recipes To Try — THE EVERYGIRL

66 Pumpkin Recipes To Make this Fall — THE EVERYGIRL

30 Non-Boring Recipes to Make with Cauliflower Rice — THE EVERYGIRL

30 Non-boring Recipes to Make with Chickpeas — THE EVERYGIRL


Black logo and text "feedfeed."

Vegan Queso Skillet Loaded Nachos — FeedFeed

Strawberry Grapefruit + Mint Fizz — FeedFeed

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12 Autumn Appetizers for a Seasonal Aperitif -- ELLE Magazine (France)


Blue logo and black text "USA Today."

Orchids + Sweet Tea: Shanika Graham-White has a new, healthier way to cook Southern food -- Southern Kitchen (USA Today)

Black text "New York Times."

The Best Lunchboxes/Lunch Containers 2020 — NYT (The Strategist)


Black background and white text "SELF."

50 Vegetarian Taco Recipes Even Meat Eaters will Love — SELF Magazine

30 Refreshing Mocktail Recipes That Make Skipping Booze Easy — SELF Magazine


Black text "Birchbox."

Fall Recipes to Spice Up The Season — Birchbox, Inc.


Black text "Taste of Home."

 Taste of Home's Bakeable (2021)  -- Taste of Home Magazine (April/May Issue)

Shots of an article and recipe in Taste of Home from Shanika.

Vegan Baking (Podcast Episode)— Didn't I Just Feed You

Healthy Birthday Cake Recipes That Actually Taste Great – Red Tricycle

8 Healthy Food Instagram Accounts to Bookmark for Nutritious + Delicious Recipes— The Zoe Report

25 Best Easter Cookies to Make this Spring -- The Pioneer Woman Magazine

25 Delicious Wild Rice Recipes — The Rustic Foodie

70 Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes to Brighten Your Day — Home Musings

50 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes — Brooklyn Farm Girl

Loaded Sweet Potato topped with Guacamole — Blog News Weekly

40 Delicious Vegan Holiday Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water — The Maria Antoinette

75 Amazing Appetizers, Sides, Mains, and Desserts to Serve a Vegetarian or Vegan Guest This Holiday Season — From A Chef’s Kitchen

9 Sweet and Savory Recipes for When You’re Staying at Home — Organic Valley



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10 killer Memorial Day Sides. To read on UniDay’s, The Edit: Click Here!

The Understanding of Ourselves (Part 1): The Indefinite Power Struggle. To read on Rover’s Theo Magazine: CLICK HERE!

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