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Shanika has written for several Blog platforms/Online Magazines, including the Kitchn, Food52Rover’s Theo MagazineUniDays The EditMASHED + continues to expand her fresh & creative perspective throughout many other opportunities.

She also prides herself as a former Letter Writer for the To Love Ourselves Letter Project, where she voluntarily spread words of encouragement + love to women around the world!

Most recently, Shanika has been honored to be able to have a continuous partnership with Bob’s Red Mill, Califia Farms, Vitacost’s The Upside, Whole Earth Sweetener, Ancient Harvest, Drew’s OrganicsNavitas OrganicsWholesome SweetsPrimal KitchenFood 52, + more for 2020 and onward. Previously, she has worked with many other Brands, where she made recipes for their audience, which were often featured on their website and/or social media.

For all Writing and/or Recipe Development/Food Styling opportunity inquiries, click here.

Orchids + Sweet Tea Press

Orchids + Sweet Tea Features:

Orchids + Sweet Tea Press

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